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Welcome to Watch Hello UFC Frind’s 4 November night 217 UFC Live Stream The UFC is back in New York’s Madison Square Garden this end of the week — and simply like in 2016, it’s bringing along three title battles, UFC 217.

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In the 217 UFC headliner, previous welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre comes back from a four-year rest to challenge middleweight champ Michael Bisping, 217 UFC. 217 UFC Live.217 UFC LiveIn the co-headliner, sprouting hotshot Cody Garbrandt looks for his first bantamweight title barrier against a previous partner and champion in TJ Dillashaw, 217 UFC.

UFC 217 Live Streaming

217 UFC Live Plus, strawweight titleholder Joanna Jedrzejczyk endeavors to tie Ronda Rousey’s verifiable female sign of six back to back title barriers, against two-time title challenger Rose Namajunas, UFC 217,

Here’s all that you have to think about, 217 UFC. 217 UFCJoanna Jedrzejczyk’s objective has never been to supplant Ronda Rousey, however a gander at late history proposes she has, 217 UFC Live.

November 2015: Jedrzejczyk guarded her title in Australia, on that night and in an indistinguishable working from Rousey’s notorious knockout misfortune to Holly Holm, 217 UFC Live Streaming.

November 2016: Jedrzejczyk led for female MMA into New York, safeguarding her title at UFC 205 in Manhattan. Rousey surfaced from seclusion to square off against Amanda Nunes in a limited time occasion. She lost to Nunes the next month, 217 UFC Live Streaming.

November 2017: Rousey is gone. Not authoritatively resigned, but rather no place close to the UFC. Jedrzejczyk is getting ready to tie her record of six title resistances. What’s more, she is the unashamed face of ladies’ MMA, Bisping versus St Pierre Live.

I’m the champion for a reason and I will demonstrate that on November fourth, infant,” Namajunas said. “I’m leaving a mark on the world once again at the Garden, ufc 217 live. Bisping versus St Pierre Live. UFC 217.

Remaining in Jedrzejczyk’s way is the 25-year-old Namajunas, who is really contending in her second strawweight title battle. Namajunas lost to Carla Esparza in the UFC’s inaugural 115-pound title battle in 2014, UFC 217. UFC 217.

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